Welcome to Kosoado Japan!

Kosoado Japan does not show how Japan looks from outside, but it shows the inner parts from a native Japanese perspective. In most websites, they present Japan in a very traditional way, and it sometimes causes misunderstanding about Japan, which is far from the reality of its inside. Japan is a hybrid country of history and technology, and that’s why people find uniqueness and get fascinated. It also keeps changing, and so the Japanese people do. Kosoado Japan introduces both historical and developing Japanese culture, and sometimes the story behind it.

Whats does the word “Kosoado” mean?

“Kosoado” is a grammatical acronym in the Japanese language which consists of four initial letters of the words:

Kore (これ) = This
Sore (それ) = That (close to the listener)
Are (あれ) = That (over there)
Dore (どれ) = Which

As the name says, this site is covering any kinds of topics related to Japan.

Who Am I?

Hiya! I am Yuta, born and raised in Osaka, Japan. By the time I graduated from my university, I had worked as a part-time receptionist at a business hotel in the middle of Osaka. I met so many people visiting Japan from overseas, and that experience opened the door taking a journey abroad. After graduation, I moved to India for full-time work as a customer service manager at an academic paper translation company. Now I’ve temporarily come back to Japan and been staying in Osaka. I started “Kosoado Japan” as I realised that only few Japanese individuals introducing Japan in English, and so many parts are still hidden for the people in other countries. I hope “Kosoado Japan” makes you enjoy getting to know more about Japan!

Any questions or want to chat? You can reach me using contact form or write to me: [email protected]