Asahi Draft Beer Can: Enjoy Draft Beer At Home

In April 2021, Asahi Beer started selling Asahi draft beer, which quickly became a hot topic on news sites and Social Media. And its popularity led to the temporary suspension of sales. Here is a video of the opening Asahi draft beer and a review of its taste.

Asahi Draft Beer

I had a chance to try Asahi draft beer, which was temporarily discontinued due to over-selling. Unfortunately, as of 2021, it is still hard to find, as it is only shipped once a month. In fact, I applied for a raffle for an online delivery service and managed to get one at a fixed price.

According to the official website of Asahi Beer, there is a key to enjoy the beer to the fullest.

How to drink

Opening Asahi draft beer can

The most important thing for this beer is the temperature. Because the amount of foam, which comes out of the can when you open it, depends on the temperature. So, if you chill it too much, you won’t be able to enjoy the foam like the draught beer served at the pub.

The best temperature to drink Asahi Draft Beer is between 4 and 8 degrees Celsius. If it is too cold and no foam appears, cover the can with your hands or dip the can in warm water for a while, and the foam will appear again.

By the way, this has the same effect a while after you open the can. So, if you are drinking it and the bubbles are getting low, you can warm it up again, and the bubbles will slowly start coming out. The mechanism is bizarre but incredible, like magic. However, I’ve heard that if it’s too warm, the bubbles may spurt out. So it’s always better to drink it chilled to no more than 10 degrees Celsius.

What Makes Asahi Draft Beer Special?

  • Extremely fine form
    You can see this when you try it, but the foam is really fine and delicious. Foam is the lifeblood of Japanese beer, but the cans and bottles of beer often don’t have a good one. But this beer is really revolutionary and unique.
  • Enjoy Pub’s draft beer at home
    I really appreciate the fact that I can drink beer just like it was poured by a beer server. Unlike ordinary canned beer, the lid is widely opened, making it easy to drink and feel similar to drinking beer in a pub.
    It’s nice to enjoy the feeling of a drinking party (Nomikai) at home without having to go to a restaurant.
close look at the lid of asahi draft beer
  • Limited production
    As of 2021, it is still a bit difficult to get, as production numbers have not kept up with demand. As a result, it is becoming increasingly popular as a fairly premium beer that is hard to find.


As mentioned above, as of 2021, production in Japan is not keeping pace, so it may take some time before it is distributed overseas.

Of course, Japan has beer and a variety of other delicious alcoholic beverages such as sake and shochu. However, this Asahi draft beer is worth experiencing at least once. So if you have a chance to get your hands on it, please try and taste its revolutionary splendor.


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