5 Unique Style Coming Of Age Ceremony In Japan

Seijinshiki (Coming of Age Ceremony) in Japan is one of the most significant events for the Japanese people as it’s only once in their lives. And especially women are very fascinated about it. Wearing Kimono at Seijinshiki could be the second most important opportunity to wear gorgeous outfits for female Japanese after a wedding dress at their Kekkonshiki (Wedding Ceremony).

Moreover, Seijinshiki is the time to meet up with old friends as a reunion party because it happens in each local town or city where they grew up. People spend their precious time seeing each other again after a long time, chat about how they are doing, and sometimes get surprised by the way people have completely changed.

What Is Seijinshiki ((Coming of Age Ceremony))?

On Japanese calendar, the second Monday of January is the public holiday called “Seijin no hi (Coming of Age Day)”. New adults take their day off to gather in their hometowns. And hairdressers around Japan get very busy on that day because most of the females go to the hairdresser to get their hair set specially and gorgeously for the memorable day.

And it’s becoming an annual event to watch TV news of ruined ceremonies by some vandals on the coming of age day, not a nice thing, though. Yet, it’s just only in some cities. In fact, the one in my town was very peaceful, and everyone was behaving themselves during the ceremony. I can’t agree on their actions. But I can somewhat understand that they feel bored with the ceremony itself because it continues with some unknown people’s speeches throughout. However, some cities uniquely conduct ceremonies to entertain attendees.

Unique Style Seijinshiiki

1. Tokyo Disneyland (Urayasu City, Chiba)

disneyland castle

New adults in Urayasu City receive invitations to Tokyo Disneyland, celebrated by Disney characters, and taking a photo of their memorable day in front of Cinderella Castle. Those who love Disney so much must have wished if they had been living in Urayasu.

2. Airport (Narita City, Chiba)

narita airport

People living in Narita, which has the largest international airport in Japan, have a ceremony in the airport terminal. Cabin Attendants give a warm celebration message with “Spread your wings and fly to the world!”.

3. Gorgeous Hotel (Minato City, Tokyo)

Tokyo Prince Hotel

Minato City, the most luxurious city in Japan with the highest house rent and highest average salary, celebrates their new adults at Tokyo Prince Hotel. The program itself seems normal, but the atmosphere is extraordinary for young people.

4. Helicopter Ride (Sakahogi Town, Gifu)


The most eccentric one must be this. New adults can take a helicopter ride in this small town and look down the town they grew up in. The view from the sky must be profoundly moving.

5. Climbing The Stairs (Abeno Ward, Osaka)

Abeno Harukas bulding

This is not a ceremony but a quite unique event for new adults. Abeno city is famous for a 300 meters high skyscraper called “Abeno Harukas”, the tallest building in Japan. Any new adults can apply for this event to climb up 1,637 steps from the ground to the building’s top. Yes, it is super tough, but the view from the top will be something they’ll never forget.

In addition to the above, some cities in northern Japan hold Seijinshiki in Spring or Summer as those areas cannot have a big event in the winter season because of heavy snow. Furthermore, there is also a growing trend for new adults to organize their own ceremonies. And it is taking place in many towns and cities nowadays. Maybe that’s the most appropriate way to celebrate the new adults.

Should We Prepare A Gift?

The coming of age ceremony in Japan is more like a family event. So, it’s not always necessary to give some special gifts to the new adults. But, of course, it’s good to give a small gift, and they will be happy. Also, since that’s the day they become adults, people often give something new adults can use at work such as ties, pens, and handkerchieves.


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