9 Gift Ideas for A Japanese Boyfriend

Are you wondering what kind of gift to give your Japanese boyfriend for an upcoming anniversary or birthday? Here is the list of gift ideas for a Japanese boyfriend from a native Japanese man’s perspective.

Gift for Japanese Boyfriend



According to the survey conducted by the gift shop “Anny” in Japan, the number one gift men were happy to receive was a watch. People can use different types of watches depending on the situations, so why not give the one he’ll love?

Ballpoint Pen with name on It

ballpoint pen

It’s a man’s dream to carry business merchandise with his name on it. If your boyfriend is that kind of person, I recommend Parker ballpoint pens because of their wide price range and the ease with which you can request the name print on the online site.

Parker webpage: https://www.parkertime.jp/



A wallet is an almost as popular gift as a watch that a man wants to receive as a gift. If your boyfriend’s wallet is getting worn-out, you can consider giving a brand-new one to him.



If your boyfriend likes drinking alcohol, you could give him a luxury liquor such as whisky, shochu, or sake that he wouldn’t normally be able to afford.



Most Japanese men tend to care about their outfits but are careless about their loungewear. It may be a good idea to get a pair of pyjamas in a different colour for your boyfriend and for yourself.

Fashion Accessory

fashion accessory

Accessories are a great gift idea as he can wear them all the time. But some people don’t wear any accessories at all, so it’s good to check him before you go.



Quite a few men are obsessed with electronics. Things useful in everyday life, such as Bluetooth earphones or Smartwatch, must be pretty good options.

Folding Umbrella

folding umbrella

Japanese people use umbrellas so much that they use them even when it rains a little, but they buy cheap and large umbrellas at convenience stores and lose them often. A folding umbrella is easy to carry and he can put it in his bag so he won’t lose it. Besides, not many people have a high-end umbrella, so receiving it must be a fresh experience for him.



You haven’t heard of this before. SOW EXPERIENCE is a service that allows you to give a range of experiences as gifts. The gift set contains a ticket and a brochure, and the recipient can go to the website and choose the experience they would like to try. There are a variety of options including horse riding, beauty salon, workshops and much, much more. If he is an indoor person, you can buy one for both of you and look through the brochure together to plan your next date as they have a gift set for a couple as well.

SOW EXPERIENCE webpage: https://www.sowxp.co.jp/


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